Invalid FDA Registration Number

A valid FDA registration is mandatory for sending food products to the USA. If FDA registration number entered in the prior notice is invalid, CBP (US Customs) will detain the product and will lead to unnecessary expense and delay in shipment clearance.

Why my FDA Registration status is Invalid?

FDA invalidate food facility registrations in below circumstances.

  • Biennial renewal did not complete on time.
  • Duplicate Registration - A valid FDA registration already exist for the same facility.
  • Foreign food facility did not appoint a US Agent.
  • US FDA Agent refuse the appointment.
  • US Agent did not confirm the appointment.

How can I reactivate the invalid FDA registration?

Invalid registrations cannot reactivate, once FDA invalidated the registration, you need to reregister the facility and FDA will assign a new food facility registration number. You can use this new number for prior notice issuance.

How I know whether my FDA registration status is Valid or Invalid?

FDA will not communicate with the facility after invalidate the registration, it is the manufacturer responsibility to make sure the registration is active and the registration number is valid. You can verify the registration status by logging on to your FDA account.

In the above image, FDA registration status and its reason is marked with red color.

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