Cosmetics - EU Regulations

Cosmetic products like cleanser, hair products, deodorant, toothpaste, luxury bath items including perfumes and makeup are regulated in European countries to ensure consumer safety.

Cosmetics legislation at EU requires that all the products sold in EU must register in the CPNP (Cosmetic Product Notification Panel) before marketing the product.

A Responsible person must be designated for each product placed on the market to ensure compliance of the products rules in the Regulation. Responsible person should maintain a product information file (PIF) which are open to inspection by the authorities.

PIF should have the product description, safety report, method of manufacturing in accordance with GMP etc...

Cosmetics must be labelled with precise information which includes an address within the EU (Where PIF is available), declaration of ingredients, and expiry date and also customer care numbers.

Cosmetic Product Safety Reports which includes formula review, label review and CPNP Notification is the most important part of PIF

Fees for EU Cosmetic Services

   PIF Compilation

  USD 135 / Product

  Cosmetic Product Safety Report

  (including formula review, label review and CPNP notification)

  USD 425 / Product

   EU Responsible Person

  USD 245 / Month

  (per company without limit of products)



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