FDA Registration - Bakery Products, Ready-to-eat foods

Food facilities that manufacture, process, pack, or hold Bakery Products including all ready-to-eat and ready-to-bake products, flours, mixes requiring preparation before serving, Confections and frostings, including candy and flavored frostings, marshmallows, baking chocolate, and brown, lump, rock, maple, powdered, and raw sugars requires FDA registration.

Examples of Bakery Products require FDA food registration.

These are not complete list of bakery products which require FDA facility registration.

Certificate of FDA Registration - Bakery-Products

LMG assist foreign and domestic food facilities to register with FDA , we also provide US FDA Agent service to foreign food facilities. Please complete our online form to register your food facility with FDA.

Proof of FDA Registration

LMG issue free FDA registration certificate after successfully completing your food facility registration with FDA. You can use this as a proof of FDA registration to the industry, also you can verify certificate validity on our website.

FDA Certificate - bakery products Registration
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