FDA Registration Number - FDA Registration Certificate

Liberty Management Group Ltd. assists domestic and foreign food, drug, medical device and cosmetic manufacturing companies to register with US FDA. Unlike medical device or drug establishment registration, food facility registration (bio-terrorism registration) cannot be verified through FDA website, but FDA registration number is required to export food products to the USA.

FDA Registration Number

The US FDA will assign a unique registration number to each registered food facility, the assignment of FDA registration number does not denote the approval of your establishment or product by the US FDA. The FDA registration number only recognizes that, your establishment is registered with US FDA. Any representation of FDA registration number on product labels or labeling which creates an impression of US FDA approval may cause misbranding of the product.

FDA Registration Certificate

US FDA is not issuing a registration certificate nor does US FDA recognize a registration certificate issued by private business. As your US FDA agent, Liberty Management Group Ltd. will verify the registration and issue FDA registration certificate for your records. The certificate of registration issued by LMG will help to make sure the registration process is complete and registration number is valid. LMG is also issuing Label compliance certificate for the products after carefully reviewing each product label. Compliance certificate issued by LMG will help you and your clients to assure your product labels are complying with FDA regulations and will help to avoid FDA detention at the port. You and your customers can verify the certificate details on our website by entering certificate number.

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