US FDA Self Identification for Generic Drug Facilities

The Generic Drug User Fee Amendments of 2012 (GDUFA) requires that human generic drug facilities identified in a generic drug submission, provide identification information to FDA every year.

Who Needs Self Identification?

  • Facilities that manufacture human generic drug APIs or finished generic drugs or both.
  • Generic drug packager and labeler.
  • Facilities identified in generic drug submission where the applicant remove the drug from a primary container and subdivide into different primary containers.
  • Lab performing Bioequivalence (BE) / bioavailability (BA) testing for generic drugs.
  • Facilities identified in a generic drug submission where the testing is performed to check the characteristics of the FDF or the API pursuant to a contract with the applicant to satisfy a cGMP testing requirement

Who Is Required To Pay the FDA Fees?

  • Facilities that manufacture generic drug APIs or Finished Drugs are required to pay facility fees.
  • Generic drug packaging and labeling (which are considered as manufacturing) facilities are required to pay the fees.

Who Is Not Required To Pay the FDA Fees?

  • Facilities that only perform testing, repackaging, or relabeling are not required to pay a user fee

What If Self Identification is not submitted?

  • All products manufactured in the facility may considered as misbranded.
  • Products from foreign facilities entry to the US may denied.

When to submit the Self Identification?

  • Self-identification must be submitted between May 1 and June 1 of each year.

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